Crispy Tofu Parmesan — Beths Journey

I liked that it was crispy!  That helped a LOT.


Crispy Tofu Parmesan — Beths Journey.


Tofu and salmon are two foods that I have always wanted to like, but I just can’t.  I feel like it’s the same part of me that doesn’t get the humor of the movie “Rushmore,” or “Waiting for Guffman,” or “The Royal Tenenbaums.”  You see, all of these things seem like “hip” things to like, and I just don’t.

I’ve tried salmon several different ways, and I’ve actually found 1 or 2 that I actually can tolerate.  But, with tofu, I hadn’t found one that I liked.  Until I tried this.

Now, it’s not like I love, love, loved it, but I did like it.  And *that* is a HUGGE step.  I served this with pasta and marinara sauce.  My husband actually ate it, too.  He said it wasn’t bad, and that it just tasted like overcooked seafood.  Um….thanks?

But we both decided we would eat it again.

What I liked about it:

1. The breading was delicious.

2. It was good in a bite with pasta.

3. It was EXREMELY filling.

What I don’t like…

1. The spongy texture in some bites.


Also, the blog I linked is a new blog I started reading.  I am enjoying it, thoroughly.  I love when people have the WW points plus values on their recipes.  And, her name is Beth, so she is automatically cool. Right, Beth FS?


-Beth WA


What are some ways that you prepare tofu?

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1 Response to Crispy Tofu Parmesan — Beths Journey

  1. mep says:

    I haven’t ever prepared tofu so have nothing to offer there. I’m all about good breading though. Give me some breading and dipping sauce, and I’ll try just about anything. I’m not a big fan of salmon either. I never order it and never prepare it at home. If it is served to me, I usually like it just fine, but I don’t seek it out.

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