I ❤️ Tuesday

I love Tuesdays because I get to just chill with my bug and my parents after school. Not much to report today. I packed my planned lunch but then remembered they had leftovers from the fundraiser in the teacher’s lounge. So, I ate those and stayed at 590 calories. It was more than my packed lunch so I cut out the yogurt snack I was going to have. And now I have my lunch already packed for tomorrow! That’s like 10 minutes saved in the morning. Now that I typed that out loud I realized I should probably pack my lunch the night before every day. Hmmm. I could probably manage that for the 24 days I have left of school!!!! 

Here are a few pics of my bug today and one of him sitting on my lap, which he did for a full 20 minutes tonight! 

The second one I took because I was just staring at his profile. And then I thought of the snarky remark- “take a picture, it will last longer.”


Beth WA

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