Girls Night Out

This weekend was my sister’s shower and bachelorette party.  I am her matron of honor (read: older, married bridesmaid of slightly elevated status).  Her dear friend from high school is her maid of honor (read: younger, hip bridesmaid of slightly elevated status).  Together, we planned and hosted the two events.  It was a fabulous weekend.  While I love to plan parties, my perfectionistic tendencies tend to take over, making me a bit of a basket case in the days leading up to the event (hence the glaring absence of Beth FS authored postings in the very first week of our blog). However, once the day arrived and everything was ready to go, I decided to take some good advice that Beth WA has offered to me many a time, and SURRENDER.  What resulted was a super fun weekend of good old-fashioned girl time.  The weekend flowed well, and I think a great time was had by all. It was filled with fun and laughter.  My sister has a great group of friends, who are hilarious and fun to be around. Add a few equally hilarious and fun to be around family members, and two slightly-older-than-the-rest-of-the-crowd friends/co-bloggers and the good times rolled…

– Beth FS

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