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The Kind of Mom I want to Be

In the throes of infertility, I mostly focus on getting pregnant, and staying pregnant, and the minutia of it all. Taking daily temperature, taking medicine, counting calories, and charting ovulation. It’s hard to look beyond that point for fear that … Continue reading

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Halloween Party Weekend

So, I started having a Halloween Party the first year we moved into our house, and I’ve continued the tradition each year. In my mind I wanted it to be the “go to” event for my friends, our one big … Continue reading

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Hoarding. Magazine Edition.

I love magazines. I mean, I really love them. I subscribe to over a dozen of them. I’ll be honest. I have a problem with magazines. I cut out recipes, exercise ideas, etc, and then keep those stacks for months … Continue reading

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A little sumpin’ sweet.

After dinner, I like to have a little something sweet. I’ve come a long way. Because, after dinner, I used to want a LOT of something sweet. I keep dove chocolate bliss in the fridge and peppermint patties in the … Continue reading

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Sometimes, it’s all I can do…

I recently bought a “5 year, one line journal,” that I saw somewhere online, and thought it was awesome. I’m not going to lie, I bought it with the hope in my mind that I will be able to chronicle … Continue reading

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A Run + Huevos Rancheros Spaghetti

I had great plans to come home from work and bake these drumsticks while I went for a run.¬†They had been marinating in buttermilk and garlic all day in the fridge.¬† When I got home from work, they were still … Continue reading

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Ready for the week.

It’s Sunday night, and the house is semi-clean, laundry is almost finished, grades are finished for report cards, awards are assigned for our awards ceremony on Wednesday, meal plan is finished, and I feel good about the week. I had … Continue reading

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