Halloween Party Weekend

So, I started having a Halloween Party the first year we moved into our house, and I’ve continued the tradition each year. In my mind I wanted it to be the “go to” event for my friends, our one big night out for the year. But, it usually ends up just being a small group, and everybody is usually really tired because I have it the night of trick or treat. So, I am thinking, maybe I need to change the night. Also, this year, child care was an issue for a lot of people. I think I definitely need to change the date. I gave a lot of notice, so I don’t think that was the issue. Or maybe it’s just not a fun party and I should rethink an annual party.

However, after reflecting on it, I was really appreciative to have a small intimate group this year. It was a bit of a bitter sweet day for me. It was the day we were going to reveal to our friends that we were pregnant. I would’ve been 12 weeks pregnant by this weekend. I was going to dress up as an oven with a bun in it. I am thankful I was surrounded by my closest friends, my dear cousin, and my brother and sister in law. I felt comfortable and safe, and loved by them. And it put me in a place of gratitude, rather than sad-itude. Also, now that I think about it, with the small showing, the announcement may have been a bit anti-climactic, and not at all like I pictured it.

I got really into prepping for the party, and made some Halloween Treats. This is very unlike me, so I was proud of myself. Usually, I would see these, think they were a great idea, but never make them.

I made cupcakes that looked like owls and mummies.



Nailed it!

I made a batch of beer margaritas (beer+limeade concentrate+vodka) and put gummy worms all around it…


My husband dressed up as a keg, and I dressed up as a witch. I even work fake purple eyelashes.



Beth FS and Mr. FS dressed up as cowboy and cowgirl. Beth FS hates dressing up, so I am always appreciative when she appeases me for the party.


My brother and sister in law were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.
HA HA HAHA . I wish I would’ve gotten a picture of the feet that came with his costume. They were huge with 3 huge toes.


So, we laughed a lot, watched Notre Dame win!, ate a LOT, drank some, and I stayed up way too late chatting with my cousin. I also ate like crap all day, eating party leftovers. I feel so gross.
Now, I have a BUSY week.
We have parent/teacher conferences Monday and Wednesday from 3:30-8:00. Ugh. It’s the only thing that I vocally complain about to my boss – because we don’t have a day off this week because of conferences. They give us the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off for conferences, which is weird because every school that I know has a day off for conferences AND the Wednesday before Thanksgiving off. Conferences just wear me out emotionally. I am so nervous for them, and it requires a lot of preparation and information.
But, I will survive, of course. And next thing I know it will be Christmas break.

I hope everybody has a great start to the week!!!
Beth WA

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4 Responses to Halloween Party Weekend

  1. As I have said for many years: There is NOTHING wrong with the Allman Brothers!

  2. Amy Samosky says:

    Definitely JUST a child-care issue. Absolutely no reflection on your parties as I love them!

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