Home Alone

Funny Story. This morning I thought my husband was off work. He was in the downstairs bedroom, and I was sleeping with Henry upstairs. Henry has a cold, so I was keeping him home from school today, and I was very surprised that Craig was sleeping in so late. Also, the dog kept crying. AND, Craig’s car wasn’t there, but he went out with my dad last night, so I thought he may have left it at BW3’s and had my dad drive him home. You’d think I would have put these clues together. BUT I DID NOT.

I was heading out the door, and I stopped in the room Craig was supposedly sleeping in to get my laptop bag and Craig was not in there.

I was 30 seconds away from leaving Henry home. All by himself and heading to work for the day. I should also add, I have what I suspect is pink eye.

So, I call my parents and they have the nerve to actually have a life! LOL. They both had things going on (work and physical therapy – which my mom is kicking ass at!) So, Henry is snuggled up in my office with his iPad, being babysat by his school gramma Theresa and his honorary auntie (the principal) and I am covering some classes.

I hope everybody has a great day!!


Beth WA

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Truckin’ Along

Hi friends!

I’ve been trucking along. I haven’t been great at getting up and exercising, but I did it today. Yay. I was so excited because I ordered a knock off Peleton that actually goes with my Beachbody workouts. It’s an MyX brand bike. ANYWAY – I’ve waited weeks for it to come. And it finally arrived yesterday, and they had to take it back because there was a defective part. BOOOO!

I got my COVID booster vaccine on Thursday afternoon. Friday, I had a teacher in service, then I was heading up to Cleveland as I previously mentioned. Well, when I went to get my booster, they told me that since I was a medication that made me immunosuppressed, I get a full third dose, then a booster in 6 months. And let me tell you – that booster KICKED MY BUTT. I went home from work at noon on Friday, and slept until 4. I was up for a few hours and back to bed from 8 – 5:30. I felt better on Saturday, but still a little tired. So, I missed the trip to Cleveland and that bummed me out, because I was looking forward to seeing all my peeps!

I did one of my favorite workouts this morning. It’s part of a program called Morning Meltdown 100, and its the MeltCon workout. You basically do 10 exercise moves for 1 minute each, and you do two rounds. I really enjoy it.

Have a good Tuesday!

xoxox, Beth WA

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Day 2, I did not exercise

HAHAHAH. I slept in. I actually slept in kinda late because I was letting Henry sleep in because he’s been sick the last 4 or so days, and he was going back to school today. He woke up READY TO ROLL. He had 0 chill this morning, so I was glad to drop him off to his teacher and get to work (downstairs from his classroom, LOL)

I have a long day today, but I am writing this to keep myself accountable that I will do my workout when I get home tonight. We do not have a consistent after care teacher, so our Business Manager has been covering, and today I am volunteering to help out and be the after care teacher. It should be interesting – I don’t have the patience I once had as a classroom teacher. I don’t know if it’s my age, or that I am not used to being in the classroom with kids all day.

Last night, for the first time, our Hispanic families planned an event at school for All Saints’ Day, and it was amazing and soul filling. We also had an ofrenda set up at school, which is a tradition for Día de los Muertos. It is an offering table, which usually has pictures of loved ones, their favorite foods, some of their personal items like rosaries, and flowers or other decorations.

Well, I hope you all have a lovely day, and I hope I keep my promise to myself to do my workout. : )


Beth WA

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The Last 30, Self Care, and Positive Vibes

Greetings, friendlies!! It’s been a while. There have been so many things going on, yet at the same time, it seems sort of status quo. Hard to explain. Anyway, we are starting our third month in our third Covid school year, and I would rate Covid School years a 0/10, would not recommend.

I feel like this whole experience has gotten everyone feeling so emotionally heavy. I’ve been feeling so much negative energy coming at me from all directions, including from myself. I decided this weekend that I don’t want to live like that. It’s not who I am. So, I was thinking about things I could do going forward to exercise “self care,” so that I am not feeling weighed down.

These are some of the things:

  1. Start blogging again. I love it and it’s fun.
  2. Take a real lunch break at work. Like, shut my door for at least 15 minutes, and eat in peace.
  3. Exercise regularly in the morning.
  4. Not participate in regular rant fests. Removing myself from conversations that feel too heavy and bring me down.
  5. Eat nourishing food.
  6. Spend focused time on our budget and our financial goals.
  7. Not being tied to my phone and feeling like I have to text back immediately.
  8. Continue reading frequently.
  9. Lose my last 30 lbs.
  10. Take care of my skin.
  11. Put effort into my outfits and appearance each day.

Anybody else in kind of a funk and trying to get themselves out of it?

I saw this quote on Instagram today, and I was here for it: “Your experience of your life is directly connected to your perception of your life. Shifting your mindset isn’t about thinking positively, love. It is about choosing what you focus your attention on over and over again.”

I hope everybody has a pleasant Monday!

Make it a great day. : )


Beth WA

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2 Years Post-Op

It’s Thursday. My whole life Thursday was my favorite day of the week. I always loved the television line up on Thursdays, and I like that the first day of the weekend was the next day. I mean, I know Friday isn’t the actual weekend, but it’s jeans day, which is basically the same thing.

On Friday last week I had my two year surgiversary. It came at a good time, because I am up a few pounds and struggling a little bit, but it was good to be reminded how far I’ve come instead of beating myself up about this period of time in which I am eating too much and not exercising! I have gotten a few good night’s sleep, and am hoping to get back on the exercising train. I was off of it for like 8 weeks due to a foot injury and it’s been really challenging to get back in the groove. I did join WW so I could focus on the types of the food I eat, not just tracking calories like I’ve been doing the last few years. That seemed to be good enough for a while, but I think I got away from making good choices and WW helps simplify that with a list of foods that you should stick to. It’s basically lower carb. I’ve been eating too much fat and too many carbs.

Here is a picture of me the day of my surgery, and on Friday!

In other news, the weather is getting better here in Ohio, and the sunshine definitely helps the general mood. Also, people are getting vaccinated, and it feels like there is a light at the end of the isolation tunnel. I miss my friends. I miss our comradery, commiserating, and mostly I miss laughing together.

My goals for next week include:

  1. Getting up in the morning and doing a Beachbody workout.
  2. Walking in the evenings if the weather allows for a little bit just to get the Vitamin D.
  3. Stick to the WW plan and track my food.

What are you all up to lately??


Beth WA

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Running up the Steps…

I have been wanting to write a post for a while now, but I didn’t even know where to start because so much time has passed. But, instead, I just decided to start. I’ve missed this space.

In a few weeks I will be at the two year anniversary of my surgery. I am 90/95 lbs down. I lost that weight in the first year, and have basically maintained it for the last year. Now, I’d like to get to my goal weight which is about 25 lbs lower than I am now. It’s been a real journey learning how to eat, grocery shop, meal prep and plan for my new stomach, and my husband’s regular stomach. But, I am still working on it. I am in no real hurry to lose that 25 pounds, but I’d like it to happen.

I’ve gone up and down 5-7 lbs over the last year, and it always scares the crap out of me. I definitely don’t want to be a person who has surgery to remove 85% of her stomach, then fall back into bad habits and gain my weight back. I’ve had a foot injury that has kept me from working out. And that has also been terrifying. But, I got clearance to do my workouts, and I have orthotics ordered.

Yeah, you heard me correctly, orthotics. LOL.

I am trying to get my life in order – been working on my budget. I’ve tried so many different ways, that I think I have a way that is a combination of a couple different things I’ve read about that will work for us.

I think I’ve been in a little bit of a funk for the past few months, one of those funks you don’t realize you are in until you are coming out of it. I can tell because I am wanting to do things rather than just sit around, such as working on a budget. I have not been taking great care of myself as far as healthy food, and I haven’t been able to work out. I am trying to fix those things.

Henry is thriving in kindergarten. He goes to in person learning at our school, and loves his teacher and classmates. He can READ!!! It’s so crazy. I love it so much. He is a kind boy, and loves his friends. It is so much fun as he grows up, we have inside jokes, and laugh at the same things, which I LOVE. I just enjoy his company and that is amazing. I remember Henry’s godmother telling me once that kids are like raising your best friend. Henry was a baby at the time, so I couldn’t quite comprehend it, until the last few months when I find us dying laughing at the same things. Henry loves to laugh. And he loves to make people laugh.

Okay, this is sort of all over the place, but like I said, I wanted to start some where. And the title..running up the stairs… Even in the last year when I’ve been up a few pounds or feeling down, I can still run up the stairs and not be out of breath. Every single time I do that, I have a moment of gratitude. I like to skip steps like a kid and on the way down I like to hold myself up on the railings like a kid, and I NEVER could have done either of those things two years ago without needing oxygen!

Well, I hope this finds you well – if you are still there. LOL.


Beth WA

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The elusive onederland. It seemed like something that would never happen to me. The last time my weight started with a one was in the early 2000’s and for one day only. Then I flew to Vegas and it was over.

Well this morning, i woke up and:

I know this is a nightmare weight to some people but to me it’s a dream that I made a reality.

This also means I am at about 97 lbs lost. I want to lose 100 by my surgiversary on February 26th.

In this journey I have found a side hustle that I really love. I became a Beachbody coach. I know – insert eye roll- but I really love it. I love helping people in this journey since I’ve been at almost every step of the journey. I love the way Beachbody is a community and a lifestyle. And, if you just want the exercise programs it is very reasonably priced. It’s really helped me stay consistent and accountable.

The programs have really changed my body unlike any other workout I’ve done before, except Tae Bo.

In other news, Henry has to get some dental work done and it was enough that the dentist suggested we do this at the hospital under anesthesia. I was a nervous wreck. My husband was an emotional wreck. LOL. But, Henry, of course, was a champ. He was so brave. And he is not a whiner at all. So, today we are just home chilling out. I’ve actually got approximately one million things to do but right now we are just chilling out. Lol.

Well, I hope you all have a good Thursday. Tomorrow is Friday!!!! Yay!!!


Beth WA

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-90 lbs and TAKING RISKS



I have battled with my weight my entire life, and have been on every diet invented.  My weight has affected my mental and physical health. I was depressed, anxious, had sleep apnea and high blood pressure.  I was so tired all of the time, I couldn’t make it through the day without laying down after work.

I finally sought the help of a doctor May of 2018.  I was the highest weight I’d ever been. I was nearly 300 pounds. I was in desperate need of help.  I spent the next six months getting checked by every specialist in the book telling me what I already knew – I needed a giant life change.  I was so uncomfortable in my own skin. I had stopped doing things I loved, and had stopped enjoying my job, my social life, or really anything.  I had stopped participating in my life.

On February 26, 2019, I had bariatric surgery, and the pounds literally melted off at first.  But, as that was happening, I knew it was not a permanent solution, and I needed to use this time to develop healthy habits that would help me be a healthier happier person in the long run. 

As every person with food issues (especially binge eating issues) knows , we can always find cheats in the system.  Even though I have a much smaller stomach, I can still eat crappy food. In fact, often, crappy food is something I can eat more of than healthy food. But the thing with crappy food is that it makes me feel like crap.  And then I find myself in the same place I was before. Too tired to make it through the day.

I knew I needed to develop habits and routines that would make a change in the long run.  Around that time I was following so many Beachbody coaches on social media who not only talked about these healthy routines and habits, but actually lived them.  They were real life working moms who made these healthy habits so they could fit them in their busy schedules. I started following their suggestions, and was seeing changes. You see, I love group fitness at the gym, but in this season of my life, it is not feasible to get to the gym.   I love the community that Beachbody has given me. I will be honest -I was hesitant to jump on board as in my group of friends, we’ve joked about MLM, and I’ve even made fun of Beachbody in particular. But, now that I was working the program, and I was seeing success, I could see why somebody would want to shout it from the rooftops and share it with their friends.  It is completely doable, and the workouts are usually 30 minutes or less. There are also all fitness levels, types of fitness, and modifiers in every program. It’s like a Netflix of workout videos at such an affordable price!!

So, I decided to become a Coach. I signed up weeks ago, but it took me this long to get the nerve to tell people.  But, I knew I wanted to share these great programs with others – people are always asking me what I am doing to get in shape.

I know my personality, and this was a big risk for me.  I didn’t want people to be uncomfortable around me worrying I was going to try to sell them something whenever I was around them.

And, I promise, that’s not me.  If what I am doing is something that interests you, let me know, and I’d be happy to help you, coach you to the best version of yourself.  I just want everybody to feel like I feel right now. I finally have my life back, and I love it.

pic of me

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-81 lbs

Hey y’all!! I am enjoying my Sunday morning. Henry and Craig went to his mom’s house. So I’m relaxing this morning. And I put new batteries in my frother, so check out this froth:

Actually, I only drink hot coffee on the weekend. It doesn’t sit well in my new stomach but I love it so much I’ll usually have it one morning a week. ☺️

I haven’t written in so long and every time I would go to write I felt like I had too much to catch up on, so I would just not write. So, i decided to just start writing. LOL.

Things have been going well. I’m working on becoming a morning workout person. It has happened more times than not. And when I don’t get up, I’ve been still working out in the afternoon. I’m doing a second Beachbody program called Country Heat. It’s another low-medium impact cardio workout. The next workout program I am going to do is mixed cardio and strength training so I’m excited about that. I did have a hard time working out in the days before and after the anniversary of Carly’s passing, but I got back on the saddle yesterday, and am prepping my mind for a successful week. A successful week for me is getting up to workout before school, meal prepping, not letting my house get super messy, and getting good sleep. I’m not looking for 100% on all, but those are the things that make me feel good.

I went to a cross country meet for the first time yesterday. It just made me want to be a runner even more. It made me want to have Henry be a runner with me. Hahaha. He said that’s fine, but wanted to be sure I knew he runs faster than me.

My new job as Assistant Principal is going well. I like it a lot. It has its stresses, definitely, but I’m working hard to balance work and personal life. It’s easy to let work take over your life, and I don’t want that. I love my job, but it’s more important to me to love my life.

Here’s a current pic of me, 81 pounds down.

Henry’s teacher posted this, and I was so surprised to see I looked like a semi-normal sized mom.


Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Beth WA

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Well, it’s hard to believe we are one and a half weeks from the beginning of the school year starting. I am going to be the Assistant Principal of the K-8 at my school this year so I am busy going class lists, schedules, handbook updates and other things like that. I have to say I prefer that to getting a classroom ready and doing lesson plans. 😂

We had such a fun July! Henry and I went to Houston on his first plan ride to visit my brother and his family. We had such a great, relaxing, restful time. Every day Henry and I would wake at 7:30. We would hang out while my brother and sister in law were at work and my 13 year old niece slept. I started working out while I was down there! And then when my niece would wake up we’d eat lunch and spend the afternoon at the neighborhood pool. We always had it to ourselves. It was super fun. And relaxing.

The last pictures were Henry’s idea. He loves his Uncle Jimmy’s car!

I’ll update more on July in another entry… I’m having trouble uploading a lot of pictures all in one post.


Beth WA

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