The Last 30, Self Care, and Positive Vibes

Greetings, friendlies!! It’s been a while. There have been so many things going on, yet at the same time, it seems sort of status quo. Hard to explain. Anyway, we are starting our third month in our third Covid school year, and I would rate Covid School years a 0/10, would not recommend.

I feel like this whole experience has gotten everyone feeling so emotionally heavy. I’ve been feeling so much negative energy coming at me from all directions, including from myself. I decided this weekend that I don’t want to live like that. It’s not who I am. So, I was thinking about things I could do going forward to exercise “self care,” so that I am not feeling weighed down.

These are some of the things:

  1. Start blogging again. I love it and it’s fun.
  2. Take a real lunch break at work. Like, shut my door for at least 15 minutes, and eat in peace.
  3. Exercise regularly in the morning.
  4. Not participate in regular rant fests. Removing myself from conversations that feel too heavy and bring me down.
  5. Eat nourishing food.
  6. Spend focused time on our budget and our financial goals.
  7. Not being tied to my phone and feeling like I have to text back immediately.
  8. Continue reading frequently.
  9. Lose my last 30 lbs.
  10. Take care of my skin.
  11. Put effort into my outfits and appearance each day.

Anybody else in kind of a funk and trying to get themselves out of it?

I saw this quote on Instagram today, and I was here for it: “Your experience of your life is directly connected to your perception of your life. Shifting your mindset isn’t about thinking positively, love. It is about choosing what you focus your attention on over and over again.”

I hope everybody has a pleasant Monday!

Make it a great day. : )


Beth WA

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2 Responses to The Last 30, Self Care, and Positive Vibes

  1. This was such a nice surprise to read! I agree I am try to step away from rant time as well. Working remotely helps with work.

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  2. Asha Roesener says:

    A millions thanks for sharing this. I have been feeling like I am in a funk and weighed down. I keep thinking “change your mindset” but needed this remember and will read this quote over and over and work on my own list. Thank you!!!

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