2 Years Post-Op

It’s Thursday. My whole life Thursday was my favorite day of the week. I always loved the television line up on Thursdays, and I like that the first day of the weekend was the next day. I mean, I know Friday isn’t the actual weekend, but it’s jeans day, which is basically the same thing.

On Friday last week I had my two year surgiversary. It came at a good time, because I am up a few pounds and struggling a little bit, but it was good to be reminded how far I’ve come instead of beating myself up about this period of time in which I am eating too much and not exercising! I have gotten a few good night’s sleep, and am hoping to get back on the exercising train. I was off of it for like 8 weeks due to a foot injury and it’s been really challenging to get back in the groove. I did join WW so I could focus on the types of the food I eat, not just tracking calories like I’ve been doing the last few years. That seemed to be good enough for a while, but I think I got away from making good choices and WW helps simplify that with a list of foods that you should stick to. It’s basically lower carb. I’ve been eating too much fat and too many carbs.

Here is a picture of me the day of my surgery, and on Friday!

In other news, the weather is getting better here in Ohio, and the sunshine definitely helps the general mood. Also, people are getting vaccinated, and it feels like there is a light at the end of the isolation tunnel. I miss my friends. I miss our comradery, commiserating, and mostly I miss laughing together.

My goals for next week include:

  1. Getting up in the morning and doing a Beachbody workout.
  2. Walking in the evenings if the weather allows for a little bit just to get the Vitamin D.
  3. Stick to the WW plan and track my food.

What are you all up to lately??


Beth WA

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1 Response to 2 Years Post-Op

  1. Angie says:

    Sorry it took me so long to read this.
    You need to go one day at a time and not beat yourself up. I was trying so hard to do some form of exercise 6 days a week 🤪 I am doing 5 days and feel better.
    Love ya,Angie ❤️

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