Running up the Steps…

I have been wanting to write a post for a while now, but I didn’t even know where to start because so much time has passed. But, instead, I just decided to start. I’ve missed this space.

In a few weeks I will be at the two year anniversary of my surgery. I am 90/95 lbs down. I lost that weight in the first year, and have basically maintained it for the last year. Now, I’d like to get to my goal weight which is about 25 lbs lower than I am now. It’s been a real journey learning how to eat, grocery shop, meal prep and plan for my new stomach, and my husband’s regular stomach. But, I am still working on it. I am in no real hurry to lose that 25 pounds, but I’d like it to happen.

I’ve gone up and down 5-7 lbs over the last year, and it always scares the crap out of me. I definitely don’t want to be a person who has surgery to remove 85% of her stomach, then fall back into bad habits and gain my weight back. I’ve had a foot injury that has kept me from working out. And that has also been terrifying. But, I got clearance to do my workouts, and I have orthotics ordered.

Yeah, you heard me correctly, orthotics. LOL.

I am trying to get my life in order – been working on my budget. I’ve tried so many different ways, that I think I have a way that is a combination of a couple different things I’ve read about that will work for us.

I think I’ve been in a little bit of a funk for the past few months, one of those funks you don’t realize you are in until you are coming out of it. I can tell because I am wanting to do things rather than just sit around, such as working on a budget. I have not been taking great care of myself as far as healthy food, and I haven’t been able to work out. I am trying to fix those things.

Henry is thriving in kindergarten. He goes to in person learning at our school, and loves his teacher and classmates. He can READ!!! It’s so crazy. I love it so much. He is a kind boy, and loves his friends. It is so much fun as he grows up, we have inside jokes, and laugh at the same things, which I LOVE. I just enjoy his company and that is amazing. I remember Henry’s godmother telling me once that kids are like raising your best friend. Henry was a baby at the time, so I couldn’t quite comprehend it, until the last few months when I find us dying laughing at the same things. Henry loves to laugh. And he loves to make people laugh.

Okay, this is sort of all over the place, but like I said, I wanted to start some where. And the title..running up the stairs… Even in the last year when I’ve been up a few pounds or feeling down, I can still run up the stairs and not be out of breath. Every single time I do that, I have a moment of gratitude. I like to skip steps like a kid and on the way down I like to hold myself up on the railings like a kid, and I NEVER could have done either of those things two years ago without needing oxygen!

Well, I hope this finds you well – if you are still there. LOL.


Beth WA

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3 Responses to Running up the Steps…

  1. Angie Lawrence says:

    I am glad your back,
    Love you ❤️

  2. Therese Mullen says:

    Me too! Love you and your sweet boy❤️

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