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2 Years Post-Op

It’s Thursday. My whole life Thursday was my favorite day of the week. I always loved the television line up on Thursdays, and I like that the first day of the weekend was the next day. I mean, I know … Continue reading

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Exercise and Anxiety

It seems the older I get the more anxious I get. I worry about things that I never in a million years would have worried about in my twenties. I worry about money, I worry about my dog, I worry … Continue reading

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Just gotta blog…

I have been remiss in blogging because I have sooo freakin’s much to say, that it always seems overwhelming to sit down and write it. So, I just thought, I can just start writing and see what happens. Usually when … Continue reading

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Why I love Active Link.

Active Link is the movement monitor I wear that tracks my activity points through Weight Watchers. It doesn’t measure your heart rate, but your up and down and side to side movement and gives you activity points accordingly. Then, it … Continue reading

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I might walk to Greenbow…

I made a goal on 3/30 to walk 26.2 miles (not all at once…a little day by day) and I finished today! (I was pretty unmotivated on 4/10…ha ha ha) It feels good to be walking and doing WW points … Continue reading

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Continuous Improvement.

Well, day two of exercising and counting calories has been making me feel a lot a better about life in general. I haven’t been doing super great, but I have been doing… Last night, after I had my calories done … Continue reading

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grumps. and my love for coffee creamer. part deux.

I woke up this morning feeling rather grumpy. I have started a cold. I didn’t sleep well. My stomach hurt….ummm. in a womanly way. And today is the day I decided I needed to get back in control of eating … Continue reading

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Try something new.

Since I love to eat, and I love to read about food, in blogs, books, and magazines, it is rare that I come across a food that I have not seen before. Well, today, at a retreat center cafeteria, I … Continue reading

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This is how my day started out: It was an event I could not re-create even if I tried. I opened a cabinet, something fell out, and it hit a wine glass that was on the counter. The wine glass … Continue reading

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This girl has got goals. And a snoring husband.

I slept so well last night. Well…let me back up a bit. My mom’s birthday was yesterday, so we decided to all come to my house and order food in from the restaurant across the street, and play a little … Continue reading

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