grumps. and my love for coffee creamer. part deux.

I woke up this morning feeling rather grumpy.
I have started a cold.
I didn’t sleep well.
My stomach hurt….ummm. in a womanly way.
And today is the day I decided I needed to get back in control of eating and exercising since I’ve been on a downward spiral since Thanksgiving break.
I gained 5lbs back during this particular spiral.
Okay, 6.
I feel swollen. And gross. So, you’d think I would feel happy about today being the day to get back in control of eating and exercising.
But, my first day back after a food bender is always grumpy, and the second day back is always a happy place, and then the momentum keeps me going.
I used to let weeks like this ruin everything and just give up. But, in the last few years, I’ve learned to make eating healthy, and losing weight a lifestyle change – for real – not just saying it. Over the last year and a half I’ve lost 20 lbs that I refuse to gain back. Now, I am fighting to be down the next 10 lbs.
One day at a time, I s’pose.

On Saturday mornings, a majority of my calories are on coffee creamer, because it is the only day of the week I have more than one cup of coffee. I’ve mentioned my love of creamer before, but I just looked at all of the creamer in my refrigerator and realized I have more than I’ve ever had before. Here’s a picture of all of the creamers….
Full Disclosure: I almost didn’t post this because it is slightly embarrassing. HA HA. I will say I got most of them at a killer sale at Meijers and I had a coupon. And since they are made up of mostly chemicals, they last for-ev-ER.


And here are the same creamers, but they’re ready for their close up…




During the week, I use the fat free half and half, and a dash of the flavored to save calories, since the fat free half and half is 20 calories for 2 tbsp. This got me thinking, maybe I should buy these sugar free syrups and use them combined with the fat free half and half. I will have to check into the calories of those, and see what they taste like.

Also, a side note, the hoarding of items, such as coffee creamer, was inherited from my dad. There are certain items that I have to make sure I have enough of at all times, or I freak out. Creamer is one. Ketchup is another. Gladware. Baggies.
There are other things…but those are the main four.

Also, I loved hearing that there are other people who feel the same about kale. I will have to try it in soup. That will be kale’s last chance.

Okay, I am going to read my google reader, and hope that reading all of the healthy lifestyle blogs will make me want to work out and eat healthy. HA HA.

Happy Saturday, friends!!

Beth WA

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2 Responses to grumps. and my love for coffee creamer. part deux.

  1. Asha says:

    So after re-reading this blog entry, i realize you are probably not ready to totally give up your coffee creamer. But if you are THINKING about ways to reduce the calories in your scrumptious morning coffee….consider this. Go to heavy cream. Its equal as rich without all sugar, chemical free, and good fat, not bad fat. You can always add vanilla extract if you feel like you need the flavor. I was a huge fan of creamers in the past. my fav was hazelnut. So i swear, i understand.

    • the2beths says:

      Asha, I actually use the simple bliss natural creamer the rest of the year – this holiday season I went a little hog wild. I don’t really like vanilla creamer in my coffee – it’s more of a sweet cream that I like. So, I am content with half and half, and a bit of Simple Bliss natural creamer. But, thanks for the heavy cream suggestion. I have a recipe for mashed sweet potatoes with heavy cream that is DIVINE. And simple.

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