I’m just not that into you…

So, I think kale is about to be added to the list of healthy foods that I *really* want to like, and I’ve prepared many ways, but just can’t like it.


Well, let me say that I like it as kale chips, but the problem is, I like it while I am eating it, but then I burp it up all day long. I know it is gross to admit, but I am just being honest.
The only way I haven’t tried kale is “massaged” in a salad. Actually, I guess there are a lot of ways I haven’t tried it.
But, this morning I tried it in my smoothie, and those people who say you can’t taste it, are lying.
I tasted it. And I did not enjoy it.
I put spinach in my morning smoothies regularly, and you really can’t taste that. You can believe me. I promise.
I don’t love spinach many other ways besides in my smoothie – (or with hard boiled egg, bacon and blue cheese covered in hot bacon vinaigrette dressing.) And I HATE frozen spinach. HATE IT.


So, for now, I am going to put kale on the list with salmon of things I try to like, but I just don’t.
Maybe some day.

Today is my brother’s birthday. He is my bff, and the father of one of my favorite human beings ever made, my niece, Ava. I went to dinner with him, my mom, and Ava. Everybody else had stuff going on – our real celebration will be tomorrow night.



My niece and I are soul mates. We have the same sense of humor, and I LOVE it. This is what she wrote on the card for her dad *my brother* without anybody knowing…


HA HA HA HA. She cracks me up.

In other news, my husband bought Christmas decorations. I was surprised when he mentioned it, until I saw them…


And this oatmeal is DELICIOUS.


Have a great Thursday night. I am hoping to stay awake until 10:00 tonight. So far this week it has been barely 9:00.

Beth WA

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6 Responses to I’m just not that into you…

  1. ashapr says:

    seriously, sometimes if feel like you are writing my thoughts. I toooooooo have tried to be “into” kale. its like the new super, trendy food,. But I don’t like it. If you don’t like frozen spinach, you’d HATE frozen kale. it was awful. I try it at restaurants thinking I just don’t know how to prepare it….nope didnt’ like it then either. Ok, the only time I like it was in this soup recipe….and by the way. this is another yummy soup recipe for you.

    Happy birthday to Jimmy!

  2. Elastamom says:

    I’ve tried to love kale too…but it’s just so gross. I thought I’d try it in soup…

  3. Beth FS says:

    I just bought that oatmeal! I hate kale.

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