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Glorious Day

Friends, it is a glorious day. Well, every day is glorious in its own rite – but today is glorious for TWO reasons. First, because it is a SNOW DAY! We had a snow day on Friday, then a 2 … Continue reading

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The stars at night….

….are big and bright… (clap clap clap) deep in the heart of Texas. I just had a whirlwind weekend surprising my girl, Ava, in Texas for her birthday. My brother and dad split the cost of a ticket for me … Continue reading

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It’s your birthday, BETHIE!!!!

My girl has a birthday today!!! Happy Birthday to one of the best people I know and my partner in this blog. I love our daily texts, our nearly lifelong friendship, and that I know, no matter what, we will … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, QB.

Today is the birthday of one of Beth FS’ and my favorites! We have been fans for so long, and we are fans without shame, and believe us, people try to shame us. Harass us, laugh at us, we don’t … Continue reading

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I’m just not that into you…

So, I think kale is about to be added to the list of healthy foods that I *really* want to like, and I’ve prepared many ways, but just can’t like it. Well, let me say that I like it as … Continue reading

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Baking soda ain’t no joke. And my mom is the best of all the rest.

It’s 9 AM on a Saturday, my kitchen is clean, dishwasher unloaded and loaded, laundry is all in the basement ready to be started, I cleaned my microwave!!, and I am about to start filing months and months of paperwork … Continue reading

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