Happy Birthday, QB.

Today is the birthday of one of Beth FS’ and my favorites!
We have been fans for so long, and we are fans without shame, and believe us, people try to shame us. Harass us, laugh at us, we don’t care. We love QB* for life.

Anyway, Happy 31st Birthday, Britney Spears.

PinkisTheNewBlog did an awesome post, so I am just going to link it.

Beth and I started reading Pink Is the New Blog SO many years ago because he was an avid Britney fan and almost every entry started with a QB update, then went into other gossip. It’s where our love for Hollywood Gossip and blogs was first discovered.

In other news…

I am still sick, running a fever, and have been in my bed since the moment I walked in the door from school. My husband brought me dinner and tissues. Thank goodness for him.


These tissues remind me of my Gramma Helman’s (my mom’s mom) house. She always had yellow, pink or green tissues.

Anyway, here’s hoping I get better tomorrow and don’t have to go to the doctor, like my mom and my niece.

*QB is our code name for Queen Britney. We started it to annoy Mr. FS.

Have a great Tuesday
– Beth WA

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1 Response to Happy Birthday, QB.

  1. Liza says:

    I hear you friend…this strain of sickness is never-ending!!!!
    Oh, and I love QB too and I am not ashamed!

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