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I’m just not that into you…

So, I think kale is about to be added to the list of healthy foods that I *really* want to like, and I’ve prepared many ways, but just can’t like it. Well, let me say that I like it as … Continue reading

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I have a new best friend.

I am a volume eater. It’s part of my food issues. So, when I am counting my calories, I am often looking for food I can eat a lot of for not a lot of calories. Unfortunately, most of the … Continue reading

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Sometimes I forget.

In the craziness of my life, I can get quite centered on my own adult problems, and not take the time to think about the stresses the kids in my class are experiencing. Stresses that are very real. Then…things happen … Continue reading

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The Kind of Mom I want to Be

In the throes of infertility, I mostly focus on getting pregnant, and staying pregnant, and the minutia of it all. Taking daily temperature, taking medicine, counting calories, and charting ovulation. It’s hard to look beyond that point for fear that … Continue reading

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Baking soda ain’t no joke. And my mom is the best of all the rest.

It’s 9 AM on a Saturday, my kitchen is clean, dishwasher unloaded and loaded, laundry is all in the basement ready to be started, I cleaned my microwave!!, and I am about to start filing months and months of paperwork … Continue reading

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