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My heart is full…

Well, I have spent the week recovering from my weekend. My weekend was amazing. So amazing that no amount of words is going to do it justice. It was my family baby shower. I was surrounded by so many amazing … Continue reading

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Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year, friends and family! I can NOT believe it is the year 2014. I also can not believe that the wind chill today is -30 and I am off school for the first day after Christmas break with … Continue reading

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Howdy Strangers!

Wow. Over a month since the last entry. It’s hard for me to write a blog entry just for the sake of writing a journal entry. I have to have something to say. And, this morning, I had some things … Continue reading

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Day 2 of Feeling Good

So, it is Sunday, and it is the day we set our clock backs one hour, here in Ohio. And tomorrow, I don’t have to be any where until 10 AM. This is called looking at the bright side of … Continue reading

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Best Thanksgiving Yet.

This year was such a great Thanksgiving break. I was busy, but not overwhelmed. I got to see lots of people, eat lots of good food, and host my family at my house for the day after Thanksgiving. My parents, … Continue reading

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I heart Thanksgiving.

Today was a lovely day. It was the perfect pace It started out with a 3.7 miles walk with a good friend, pancakes for breakfast, a few loads of laundry The meals were spaced far enough apart that I wasn’t … Continue reading

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Friday Night. Otherwise known as the night before I go see Madonna.

I am looking forward to going out to dinner with my parents, my brother and his family, and my husband. Also, looking forward to a cocktail or a glass of wine. And most of all, I love seeing my niece, … Continue reading

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I have a new best friend.

I am a volume eater. It’s part of my food issues. So, when I am counting my calories, I am often looking for food I can eat a lot of for not a lot of calories. Unfortunately, most of the … Continue reading

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It’s never ideal when a family suffers hardships. This past month was filled with challenging times for me and my family. But through those challenging times I learned, yet again, the strength of my family. I also learned the depth … Continue reading

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Every Day is a Gift

This is something I often forget. Every day is a gift. Every breath is a gift. I guess when life is hurling curve balls from many directions, it is hard to remember this. But, somewhere, in the middle of my … Continue reading

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