Best Thanksgiving Yet.

This year was such a great Thanksgiving break. I was busy, but not overwhelmed. I got to see lots of people, eat lots of good food, and host my family at my house for the day after Thanksgiving.
My parents, my brother and his family, and my Uncle and Aunt and their kids and granddaughter. ..
I made black bean chili and taco soup. I think I’ve posted both recipes before, but if not, I will post them before the week is over. They were both a HUGE hit.
Here is my Aunt and Uncle, and my cousins, Bobby and Tracy.


This is my sister-in-law, Georgi, and my niece, Brooke Lyn.


Today is the first day where we have no plans, and I’ve spent it in my polka dot pajama pants, mozying around cleaning a bit, and sitting on my duff, relaxing with my dog.


For lunch, I made something delicious.
I roasted some yellow potatoes with rosemary, olive oil, salt and pepper for 40 minutes at 400 degrees, and then I stuffed some small sweet peppers with garden vegetable cream cheese and roasted those for the last half of the potatoes cooking time. It was SOOO good.
Here are some photos.




Well, I am off to catch up on television, and putting laundry away.
Have a great Sunday!

Beth WA

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