so much good food up in here…

I just have to say that I have so much good food in my house right now. I made a perfect meal plan last night using all of the food we have.
Then, I stopped at my mom’s house after school and she gave us the Thanksgiving leftover mother load. So, that changed the meal plans. Thanksgiving leftovers were what we had tonight, what we are both having for lunch tomorrow, and dinner again tomorrow night. Then, hopefully we will have eaten all of it! It’s all so delicious that we didn’t want to waste it. And, I was able to freeze the chili and taco soup I had made this weekend, and save it for another week.
In addition to that Thanksgiving food, we have

these delicious peppers that i stuffed with garden vegetable cream cheese the other day…


these gigantic honey crisp apples…


these tomatoes that i cant wait to try drizzled in balsamic


this delicious cranberry sauce that my mom made…




roasted red pepper hummus (also roasted garlic)




this, and a million other creams (they were on sale the other day) including, salted caramel mocha, s’mores, italian sweet cream, peppermint


the best part of the creamers is that i got a new aerolatte to whip the cream so i have foam again! such a huge difference. and actually, it’s not an aerolatte this time, it’s ikea’s $5 version.

this amazing pumpkin butter..


that tastes awesome on this..


i am trying to fancy up my palate to like dark chocolate. it’s working with beers – worked up to mild IPA’s….we’ll see if it works with chocolate…


this is such a guilty pleasure, because it doesn’t have the protein benefits that greek yogurt has. but it is so dang delicious. i love it in my smoothies.


i haven’t tried this, but it looks and sounds delicious…


assorted squashes.


and a full k-cup carousel.


Life is good.

Happy Monday!!!

Beth WA

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8 Responses to so much good food up in here…

  1. asha says:

    I can’t help but feel compelled to comment EVERY time i read your entries….
    1. I am ADDICTED To honey crisp apples. i bought 10 last night (my family goes through them) and the selection was starting to slim out. I am FREAKING out about what I will do when them are out of season.
    2. Dark Chocolate – LOVE it. I particularly like Trader Joes Dark Choco bars and the ones with almonds. My brother used to keep the same kind in the fridge and break off a square each night…so now I do the same. 🙂 I haven’t’ had it in 27 days!
    3. I too LOVE when my K-cup carousel is full!

  2. keepingtrac says:

    Can I please hire you to do my grocery shopping? You always have awesome stuff! Makes me wanna give my grocery list a facelift.
    PS. I miss you!

  3. I love those mini peppers too! I usually stuff them with herbed goat cheese. YUM!!!! I also am obsessed with coffee creamer. If I do not have enough in the fridge, I kind of freak out.

    • the2beths says:

      I love goat cheese, but I am telling you, the garden veg cream cheese was freakin awesome.

    • Asha says:

      Clarification please…..herbed goat cheese and roast them, or herbed goat cheese straight up. sounds delish either way.
      Liz, I still make your fruit salsa nad cinnamon sugar chips. they are ALWAYS a huge crowd pleaser!

      • the2beths says:

        Put the goat cheese in before you roast. Or you can do it on the grill. Years ago, my mom and I would put half a red pepper filled with goat cheese on the grill and top it with a bit of salt.
        With these small peppers, you can put the goat cheese in before you roast, and it becomes a really awesome texture that melts in your mouth.

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