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Gluten Free

It is Saturday morning – my favorite time of the whole week. I am catching up with my Feedly (replacement of Google Reader), drinking coffee, and watching my DVR. I am getting all caught up on Kanye West’s “feud” with … Continue reading

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I kept a promise.

I did the thing I am worst at today – I kept a promise to myself. I tracked my food on Fitness Pal, and stayed within my calories. I exercised!!!! with a good friend. I did work at work, and … Continue reading

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Oh my darling…

I can’t remember if I used that title before, but darn it, I just love clementines. I actually made dinner tonight, and it was pretty freakin’ good if I do say so myself. And it was followed up with 2 … Continue reading

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Queen of Takeout

So, I had this grand goals to go to the gym, catch up on grading, finish laundry, clean the kitchen, but the week isn’t going quite as planned. I just can’t let go of this cough, and it is WEARING … Continue reading

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I was late. It was the oatmeal’s fault.

This morning, I gave into my oatmeal craving, and my need to eat an apple that was about to go bad, and made oatmeal for breakfast. It made me a little late, and it took a lot longer than I … Continue reading

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Friday Night. Otherwise known as the night before I go see Madonna.

I am looking forward to going out to dinner with my parents, my brother and his family, and my husband. Also, looking forward to a cocktail or a glass of wine. And most of all, I love seeing my niece, … Continue reading

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Ready for the week.

It’s Sunday night, and the house is semi-clean, laundry is almost finished, grades are finished for report cards, awards are assigned for our awards ceremony on Wednesday, meal plan is finished, and I feel good about the week. I had … Continue reading

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