Queen of Takeout

So, I had this grand goals to go to the gym, catch up on grading, finish laundry, clean the kitchen, but the week isn’t going quite as planned.
I just can’t let go of this cough, and it is WEARING ME OUT. By the time I am done teaching all day, I am wiped. Yesterday I slept for an hour and a half after school.
The good news is that despite not reaching my goal to work out, I have tracked my calories, and been close to my goal or just slightly above the last two days.
That’s a HUGE step for me.
I feel that I am finally heading in the right direction.

Now, if only I would start cooking again….ha ha….
I’ve been the queen of takeout.


I ate so little from 7-4 today that I had a TON of calories left, and coincidentally, I was starving. So, I got Chipotle. I was only able to eat half of it, so that was good! Now, I can have the other half for lunch tomorrow.

This was my dessert….
(They are SO delicious)


and we have 3 cans of regular A & W root beer that my dad brought over, so I had a can of that, because we don’t have any other pop, and I just wanted some pop.


Who watches Parenthood?? I am so in love with that show. I need to go back and watch the first several seasons. I’ve only been watching the last two, and I am hooked and in complete love with the Braverman’s.

So glad that most of the week is over – one more week after this, then CHRISTMAS BREAK!
I can NOT believe that next Friday is the end of the second quarter. That means this school year is HALF way over. That is crazy to me.

Have a great Wednesday…

Beth WA

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