Oh my darling…

I can’t remember if I used that title before, but darn it, I just love clementines.

I actually made dinner tonight, and it was pretty freakin’ good if I do say so myself. And it was followed up with 2 of the most delicious clementines I’ve ever had.
Actually, I was SUPER productive today. I think I am starting to feel back to myself again. I’ve felt so crappy for the last few weeks with this cough and cold.
I stayed after school to help this other teacher do a “craft club,” that she started. It was super fun. Then, I went to the grocery store! Yup. I ran an errand.
We were so desperate for produce. I bought our staples, apples and bananas, the aforementioned clementines, and a million other things. I broke the rule about going to the grocery store hungry. And of course, I overbought yogurt. Damn it.

For dinner I made a version of this delicious salad that Beth FS taught me how to make. It’s romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, black beans (or pinto or kidney), roasted corn, and chicken. The best parts of the salad are the roasted corn, and the dressing.
The dressing is equal parts ranch dressing and barbecue sauce. It sounds weird, but trust me, it is SOO good.
Avocado is also good on the salad, but I couldn’t find a ripe one at the store. I love avocados, but I am terrible at picking them out…

Here is a picture of the salad,


Well, I have to go finish grading 6th grade math tests. I have 20 out of 60 of them finished. YAY.

later taters,
Beth WA

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