Baking soda ain’t no joke. And my mom is the best of all the rest.

It’s 9 AM on a Saturday, my kitchen is clean, dishwasher unloaded and loaded, laundry is all in the basement ready to be started, I cleaned my microwave!!, and I am about to start filing months and months of paperwork that is loaded up in crates and rubbermaid tubs in my guest room.
All of this means one thing.
I am in a good place.
I am in a place of hope.
I am in a place of control over food (biggest indicator of my well being).
I feel happy.

The main indicator was the microwave. My husband and I are not good housekeepers. I mean, we are not buried alive like on Hoarders…we keep our main living area clean and ready for guests. But, our bedroom has clothes every where, our guest rooms are riddled with piles and piles of papers, books, and random stuff. Dishes sometimes sit in our sink for more than one day, and pans even longer (my husband does not clean pans.) Our bathrooms are cleaned way too rarely. And our microwave…our poor microwave.
The other day I was looking at it and thought to myself…man, I wish my mom would come over and clean my microwave. (because, that is the kind of thing she would do….more on that later.)
So, today, I bit the bullet. I was too embarrassed to take a before picture…but here is the after picture.


First, I was just washing with a hot rag, then I remembered reading on a blog or in a magazine somewhere about adding baking soda to the water. I did that, and it came clean with hardly the effort I was putting forth to start with.
I am so happy with the result. And maybe now, I won’t put it off so long.

Baking soda ain’t no joke. It works!!!





One other thing that I’ve been eating lately that I had never seen at the grocery store are these coated nuts…
They are SOOO good. And it only takes a few to make a filling snack.


And I wanted to mention that today is the birthday of my #1 blog fan. My mom.
My mom has been amazing throughout my whole pregnancy and miscarriage, and pretty much my whole life. I know that she suffered the loss just as much as I did, but she was strong for me, because that is what I needed. That’s pretty much indicative of the kind of mom she is. She is the mom who would do anything for my brother or me. I know sometimes it makes it hard on her as an individual…sometimes feeling under appreciated, and taken advantage of…but it does not stop her from being the best mom in the world. Her love is so big it is tangible.

Thanks, mom, for all that you do. I appreciate you every day, even if I don’t say it, and I hope that your birthday is a great day…I am guessing it will be because you get to spend it with me. HA HA HA. Just kidding,

Well, I am off to do this filing…


Don’t be jealous!!

Then Chuck E. Cheese for my niece’s birthday, then out to dinner for my mama’s birthday…

What are you all up to this weekend?

-Beth WA

Update: Weird. When I published this two paragraphs disappeared. The 2 paragraphs to explain the pictures of the English muffin and Sunbutter. And it will NOT let me insert it between the pictures. I keep trying. Anyway.
I know pumpkin is pretty cliche in the blog world in October but I had to try these pumpkin spice English muffins. And I did not regret it. They are delicious. Especially topped with my favorite…Sunbutter! Yummmmmmm

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2 Responses to Baking soda ain’t no joke. And my mom is the best of all the rest.

  1. I love mom WA as well!!!! Happy birthday to one of my favorite people to shop with!

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