The stars at night….

….are big and bright… (clap clap clap) deep in the heart of Texas.

I just had a whirlwind weekend surprising my girl, Ava, in Texas for her birthday. My brother and dad split the cost of a ticket for me to come see her as a surprise for her birthday. She was SOOO excited. She screamed and hugged me over and over. She just couldn’t believe I was there.

I got to go to a birthday party of a classmate’s with her, I got to go to *her* birthday party with classmates, I got to see her score her team’s first soccer goal of the season!, and got to smooch her whenever I wanted!

Here are some pictures of my darling girl from this weekend.




It was so good to see her, but I was sad to say goodbye. And I was pooped from a busy weekend.
Luckily I had to day off because of a doctor’s appointment, but I spent most of the day on the couch recuperating.

Oh, here is one delicious food find I found at the H E B grocery store in Houston that I am sad I can not find here in Ohio.


It was creamy, full fat greek yoghurt. And I had it for breakfast and it filled me up for several hours.

Well, I am off. I can’t wait to go to sleep for the night! I am exhausted.
Beth WA

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