Udi’s, walking, and Pretzel buns

So, I finally found Udi’s bread that wasn’t frozen at Trader Joe’s this week. The nearest Trader Joe’s to me is about 45 minutes away. However, it is only about 5 minutes from my fertility specialist’s office. So, on the days I have appointments, and I don’t have to go back to school, I go to Trader Joe’s. I like to stock up on my dark chocolate covered almonds with turbinado sugar and sea salt. Divine.

Anyway, the Udi’s bread is … meh. It kind of tastes like stale bread. It might be better as toast, but I have been using it for my lunch sandwiches. I have delicious lunchmeat, cheese, and mustard, so the bread is just a supporting character, and is tolerable. I especially like that it is 130 calories for two pieces!!! My other bread was 110 calories PER SLICE! This makes it easier to stock up my sandwich with goodies.
So, today, my breakfast and lunch were gluten free, and I felt great. I ate light today because I was saving myself to try something not good for me….Wendy’s new Pretzel Bun Chicken Pub Sandwich.


This new sandwich has a grilled chicken breast, cheese SAUCE, and a slice of pepper jack cheese, as well as a few pieces of spinach, tomatoes, and honey mustard. AND THE BEST PART – IT WAS ON A PRETZEL BUN!!! It was delicious. And it was worth the 650 calories, because I truly enjoyed it because I saved the calories.

Then, later on in the evening, I did my favorite activity as of late…walked with one of my bff’s – Beth FS. Walking with friends makes the time go fast, the miles even faster, and before you know it you’ve burned 430 calories, and you feel better about life! So, I am actually finishing today with almost 400 extra calories!! That means I have to go to bed before I get hungry.

One more day and then it is the weekend!! WOO HOO.
Beth WA

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3 Responses to Udi’s, walking, and Pretzel buns

  1. Beth A's Mom says:

    Love you and miss you thanks for blogging again!

  2. Susan says:

    The class parties have to be giving you some good stories to share. I miss your blog!!!!!


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