-81 lbs

Hey y’all!! I am enjoying my Sunday morning. Henry and Craig went to his mom’s house. So I’m relaxing this morning. And I put new batteries in my frother, so check out this froth:

Actually, I only drink hot coffee on the weekend. It doesn’t sit well in my new stomach but I love it so much I’ll usually have it one morning a week. ☺️

I haven’t written in so long and every time I would go to write I felt like I had too much to catch up on, so I would just not write. So, i decided to just start writing. LOL.

Things have been going well. I’m working on becoming a morning workout person. It has happened more times than not. And when I don’t get up, I’ve been still working out in the afternoon. I’m doing a second Beachbody program called Country Heat. It’s another low-medium impact cardio workout. The next workout program I am going to do is mixed cardio and strength training so I’m excited about that. I did have a hard time working out in the days before and after the anniversary of Carly’s passing, but I got back on the saddle yesterday, and am prepping my mind for a successful week. A successful week for me is getting up to workout before school, meal prepping, not letting my house get super messy, and getting good sleep. I’m not looking for 100% on all, but those are the things that make me feel good.

I went to a cross country meet for the first time yesterday. It just made me want to be a runner even more. It made me want to have Henry be a runner with me. Hahaha. He said that’s fine, but wanted to be sure I knew he runs faster than me.

My new job as Assistant Principal is going well. I like it a lot. It has its stresses, definitely, but I’m working hard to balance work and personal life. It’s easy to let work take over your life, and I don’t want that. I love my job, but it’s more important to me to love my life.

Here’s a current pic of me, 81 pounds down.

Henry’s teacher posted this, and I was so surprised to see I looked like a semi-normal sized mom.


Hope everyone has a great weekend.


Beth WA

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5 Responses to -81 lbs

  1. Tortney says:

    You are beautiful! Absolutely glowing! Seeing you look great – but more importantly – sound happy- makes me tear up❤️❤️❤️

  2. heather says:

    you look like a completely normal sized mom & a happy, healthy one, at that!! i love being able to see your progress in “real life”–you’re so inspiring! i’m so proud of you!! ❤

  3. Liza says:

    The frother is a life-changer! Hot coffee doesn’t sit well in my stomach either. Weird.
    I have to say morning workouts are where it is at. Love them! You are looking for HAPPY friend!!!!

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