Well, it’s hard to believe we are one and a half weeks from the beginning of the school year starting. I am going to be the Assistant Principal of the K-8 at my school this year so I am busy going class lists, schedules, handbook updates and other things like that. I have to say I prefer that to getting a classroom ready and doing lesson plans. 😂

We had such a fun July! Henry and I went to Houston on his first plan ride to visit my brother and his family. We had such a great, relaxing, restful time. Every day Henry and I would wake at 7:30. We would hang out while my brother and sister in law were at work and my 13 year old niece slept. I started working out while I was down there! And then when my niece would wake up we’d eat lunch and spend the afternoon at the neighborhood pool. We always had it to ourselves. It was super fun. And relaxing.

The last pictures were Henry’s idea. He loves his Uncle Jimmy’s car!

I’ll update more on July in another entry… I’m having trouble uploading a lot of pictures all in one post.


Beth WA

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  1. Cortney says:

    That is a great summer!

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