Home Alone

Funny Story. This morning I thought my husband was off work. He was in the downstairs bedroom, and I was sleeping with Henry upstairs. Henry has a cold, so I was keeping him home from school today, and I was very surprised that Craig was sleeping in so late. Also, the dog kept crying. AND, Craig’s car wasn’t there, but he went out with my dad last night, so I thought he may have left it at BW3’s and had my dad drive him home. You’d think I would have put these clues together. BUT I DID NOT.

I was heading out the door, and I stopped in the room Craig was supposedly sleeping in to get my laptop bag and Craig was not in there.

I was 30 seconds away from leaving Henry home. All by himself and heading to work for the day. I should also add, I have what I suspect is pink eye.

So, I call my parents and they have the nerve to actually have a life! LOL. They both had things going on (work and physical therapy – which my mom is kicking ass at!) So, Henry is snuggled up in my office with his iPad, being babysat by his school gramma Theresa and his honorary auntie (the principal) and I am covering some classes.

I hope everybody has a great day!!


Beth WA

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  1. Aunt Therese says:

    πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚-oops β€œKEVINNN”

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