Truckin’ Along

Hi friends!

I’ve been trucking along. I haven’t been great at getting up and exercising, but I did it today. Yay. I was so excited because I ordered a knock off Peleton that actually goes with my Beachbody workouts. It’s an MyX brand bike. ANYWAY – I’ve waited weeks for it to come. And it finally arrived yesterday, and they had to take it back because there was a defective part. BOOOO!

I got my COVID booster vaccine on Thursday afternoon. Friday, I had a teacher in service, then I was heading up to Cleveland as I previously mentioned. Well, when I went to get my booster, they told me that since I was a medication that made me immunosuppressed, I get a full third dose, then a booster in 6 months. And let me tell you – that booster KICKED MY BUTT. I went home from work at noon on Friday, and slept until 4. I was up for a few hours and back to bed from 8 – 5:30. I felt better on Saturday, but still a little tired. So, I missed the trip to Cleveland and that bummed me out, because I was looking forward to seeing all my peeps!

I did one of my favorite workouts this morning. It’s part of a program called Morning Meltdown 100, and its the MeltCon workout. You basically do 10 exercise moves for 1 minute each, and you do two rounds. I really enjoy it.

Have a good Tuesday!

xoxox, Beth WA

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1 Response to Truckin’ Along

  1. Angie says:

    Sorry you felt so tired after your booster shot and that you missed Cleveland and your peeps. I was the same way after my third shot. But I had to get on a plane and fly to Cleveland.
    If your bike doesn’t have an app I’m not sure I should try and share my Peloton app with you will discuss that later.
    Love you and I think you’re doing great. Give that Henry a hug for me.❤️❤️❤️

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