Bachelorette Party, Food and Drink Edition

The bachelorette party for the baby sister of Beth FS was great fun, as Beth FS posted.  We had lots of laughs, lots of cocktails, and lots of fun.

We also had great food!!  The night commenced at baby sister’s apartment, for a champagne toast.









Then, we headed to an area in Columbus, OH called “The Short North.” We went to a sushi restaurant called Haiku. They were fantastic because we had a large group of over twenty people. We had reservations, but my experience in the past with large groups at restaurants is that sometimes the server gets visibly frustrated and annoyed. This, however, was not the case at Haiku. Our server was friendly, and attentive. She was also very accomodating as she did SEPARATE CHECKS! This, alone, sold me on Haiku.








The menu had so many delicious choices that BethFS and I decided to get a few rolls and a noodle dish and share it all. That way we could try more things.
We got the Harvest Roll that had acorn squash tempura, cream cheese, avocado, and it was topped with mango and sriracha. It was lovely. I love sriracha, and pretty much all of the other ingredients. We also got another roll that is escaping my mind right now – maybe a spicy tuna roll. Beth FS, maybe you can help me with this.  We also ordered these delicious coconut cream curry noodles that were extremely rich, and extremely delicious.

Harvest Roll

Roll that I forget what is in it

Coconut Curry Creamy Noodles

























The 2Beth’s thoroughly enjoyed our dinners, but in typical 2Beths fashion, by the time we got to the hotel after the duration of the evening, we both really wanted pizza!!

Beth WA

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