Shoes: Finding “the one.”

Good morning! Beth WA here, enjoying this crisp, beautiful fall Ohio day.  Just got back from a brisk walk, and enjoying a bowl of steel cut oats with pumpkin! Yum.  I am having a Halloween Party tonight, and I am extremely unprepared, as well as unmotivated to change that.  So, hopefully, after this blog entry, I’ll get moving.

Anyway, on to the topic I wanted to write about.  Shoes.

As a person who has been overweight for most of my life, when I go shopping with friends I usually gravitate toward shoes and purses.  Simply because, they always fit.  And even shoes aren’t that fun, because I wear a size 10//11, and until recently the selection was rather limited.  And, then for a long time, I had the problem where I would buy these shoes that I wanted to wear.  They would fit in the store.  I could walk a few steps in them, no problem.  But, when it comes to actually wearing them for an evening….NO WAY would I choose them.  So, they just sit in my closet gathering dust.

Exhibit A: Shoes I want to wear, but never actually wear.

Granted, these aren’t even in style any more, because I did break this habit about 4 years ago.  Okay, maybe one of those pairs I bought last year, but the rest are purchased at least 4 years ago, if not more.

So, about 3-4 years ago, I had an intervention with myself about shoes.  This happened when day after day as I was getting ready to go to work, where I stand all day, I couldn’t figure out shoes to wear.  I knew I had to start buying sensible shoes, but I still wanted them to be semi-stylish.  So, I entered the world of Merrills and Keens.

Exhibit B: Shoes I actually wear

The problem with these shoes is, while they give the desired comfort level, I feel frumpy in them, and they are expensive.  I mean, I tried to choose the cutest of the selection, but, still, I don’t exactly feel hip or stylish in them.

So, last year I mentored a brand new teacher.  It was her first year out of college. She was young, hip, and fun.  Her and I clicked immediately, and became fast friends.  I noticed that she was always wearing “TOM’S” shoes, and she would always sing their praises.  So, finally I took the plunge and bought myself a gray pair.

And I haven’t turned back.

I LOVED them.  I had found my “sole” mate.  (Sorry, had to do it.) They were a perfect alternative to flip-flops with capris, because frankly, I was over flip flops.  I mean, I still have a million pair, and wear them often, but I wanted something that was a little more…shoe.  I should probably be “capris,” too, but I don’t think that will ever happen.

They are SUPER comfortable, and not only do I feel hip and stylish when I wear them, I also feel politically correct because when you buy a pair of TOM’S, they donate a pair of shoes to somebody who needs them.  So, that also extinguishes the guilt I feel for the fact that they are pricey.

I love to wear them with jeans, with pants, with capris, with skirts…and there are SO many different kinds.  Here is my collection:

Exhibit C: Shoes that I love.

Maybe someday I will lose all this weight I need to lose, get in excellent shape, and be able to wear heels comfortably.  But, until then, I am loving my TOM’S.

I try not to play favorites, but between you and me, these are my favs:

What are your favorite “go to” shoes?

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9 Responses to Shoes: Finding “the one.”

  1. H. E. Lexus says:

    I understand your troubles but I always say go for the heels!!! If they are the proper fit they are not uncomfortable. Sometimes you have to say no to the ones you really like because they are just not the best fit and wait for something to come along in your fit that might be similar. Get to know the brands that fit you best. That is what I do. 😉

    • the2beths says:

      I will have to try some different kinds, I guess… Any suggestions?

      • H. E. Lexus says:

        I do not know what is around your area for shops or the brands available to you. If you have the Steve Madden brand available, they are a little more roomy and the Jessica Simpson brand is as well. JS also has some in Wide Width which might help. Other thing to observe is the style of the shoe. Strappy ones offer more space but the straps might be placed in a position that pinches depending on your foot shape. Shoes with full uppers like booties or with instep straps might also pose issues with pressure and result in discomfort. The cut of the vamp can be problematic for wide feet as well. The lower the cut of the vamp the less the restriction. Heels with platforms can offer the nice added height and a lower angle on your foot if that is not comfortable.
        I say do not grab something you like and pick out your size and say fine. Try on a half size up and down or even a full size. Try on wide width if available and see how each one feels. If they are not without pressure points, move on to something else. Perhaps a day in a shoe store to try on several pairs just to get an idea of what fits best and what is not the best.
        I hope this helps a little. I am excited to see what you get in the future to show us. 😉
        Good luck!

  2. Elastamom says:

    I love shoes too. I need more heels but they just aren’t practical for me since I work from home! I used to get Easy Spirit when I taught b/c they had some cute ones and were super comfy. I also like another brand but I can’t remember the name!

  3. P.J. Murphy says:

    Jen loves TOMs too. She is on her 3rd pair. She also bought Quinn a pair too.

    Personally, I think they’re sort of homely looking – this is a sort point of our marriage that we’re trying to work through.

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