Cream with a splash of coffee

So, every day I drink one cup of coffee. And to be completely honest, I mostly like the creamer that I add to it. That’s why I limit myself to one cup of coffee per day. So, last year my husband got me the Keurig for Christmas. It was the perfect gift because
1. I only drink one cup a day.
2. My flavored coffee won’t ruin his plain black coffee.
3. It limits my cream intake to 1.5 tablespoons

Sounds like a lot of cream, but I’ve truly come a long way. I used to have 2 sweet n low, and about 3 tablespoons of cream. Blech.
I weaned myself mostly off artificial sweeteners. Occasionally, I will add a Splenda.

Now, my normal cup of coffee is the Nantucket blend with 1 tbsp of Bliss Sweet Cream. It’s delicious. I was completely satisfied with this, and didn’t even realize I was missing something…until…
I was reading Becky’s facebook, from Just a Little BS, and she mentioned this little amazing kitchen tool called the Aerolatte. It is AMAZING. It’s a little coiled battery run thing that you immerse in your cream or milk, and it foams it up, so you have a latte like drink rather than just coffee with cream. AND, you can decrease the amount of cream, you use because it bulks it up. It was perfect for me.
EXCEPT, the problem I now I have is that I love it so much, I have been drinking 2-3 cups of coffee per day. Hopefully, once school starts up on Tuesday, this will go back down to one!

And to compound this coffee issue was the Holiday Pack of Keurig that my husband bought me for Christmas. It had three delicious flavors; egg nog, gingerbread, and cinnamon french toast. I am currently addicted to Egg Nog coffee with spiced vanilla rum cream frothed into it with the Aerolatte. Here is a picture of the Aerolatte and my latest cup of cre.. coffee.

I hope everybody has a Happy New Year!! NYE is my dad’s birthday, so we usually celebrate it with him. This year we are just chilling at my ‘rents’ house with my bro-ham and his wife and daughter. In an awesome twist of events my bff who lives in California was supposed to fly back to California today but her flight was canceled, so she and her husband and her delicious baby boy will be spending the evening with us as well.


-Beth WA

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