In a snackin’ kind of mood…

It is so telling of my mood when I look at my groceries. I mean, when I look at my groceries after a list free shopping trip.
From the 2 bags of pop chips, the 2 bags of pretzels *1 sourdough, 1 regular*, the bag of some other type of natural chip, and the 2 boxes of popcorn, I think it is safe to say that I am craving snack food. What do you think?

The point of my trip was to pick up a few things to make homemade pizza (by homemade, I mean by a pre-made crust, and put toppings on it), and a giant salad for dinner tonight.
So, now I am home, drinking my husband’s homebrew – a delicious California Common – making dinner.
My husband has been a homebrewer since shortly after we got married and I told him he needed to get a hobby. He loves it. It’s more than a hobby. It’s his passion. I always feel a little badly because I don’t care for the IPA’s that he loves to drink and make, so I rarely drink his homebrew. One of my New Year’s Resolution is to try more beers, and maybe broaden my palate. I mean, it’s right at my house, in my basement, on tap. I should take advantage of this!
So, right now, as I cook, I am enjoying one of his beers.
Well, I better go cook, for real, the hubs is lurking in the kitchen, which means he is hungry.



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