The sinners are much more fun, right?

I mean, if Billy Joel said it, it is definitely true.
No, no, I didn’t cheat on my Lenten sacrifice…yet. Actually, I was feeling pretty good about it last night and into this morning. I was feeling over confident, proud of myself for having this planned out, and for blogging about it.
Then, I get to church and the whole homily is about not telling people what your Lenten sacrifice is, as you are supposed to pray to yourself, and not make a big to-do about it.
I messed that one up.

As the priest continued to explain this, I was slinking down further and further into my pew, feeling like a major heel.

But, luckily, Jesus is cool and forgiving, so I think he understands. And I am sure he loves my blog. I think he is one of our daily readers.
Him and my mom.

I hope everybody is having a great Wednesday.
I am really looking forward to the weekend already.

We have had no snow days this whole school year, and let me tell you, it blows.

beth wa

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