Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Peppers

So, part of the reason I have up meat and chocolate for Lent is to help steer my diet so that I was incorporating more fruits and vegetables. This was a huge fail when on Friday, I went out to dinner with my parents and got fried shrimp. (I did get broccoli as my side item…I had that going for me.)

Anyway, I was following the letter of my law, not the spirit of my law.

And then Saturday wasn’t much better. My husband’s parents came over for dinner at their favorite greasy hamburger place across the street from our house. I opted for grilled cheese and fries. I hardly ate any of the fries -and in my defense, the only salads they have are with iceberg lettuce, or tuna and mayo.

So, today, I am determined to change the course of my Lent.
My husband and I started the day with a 45 minute drive to the closest Trader Joes. It is a very small Trader Joes, and I found a few items that I had seen on blogs and wanted to try – namely honey sesame coated almonds – but wasn’t convinced that it was worth the 45 minute drive. There is a Whole Foods that is 50 minutes away that I absolutely love, so next time, I will probably go there.

And now, I am at home, about to embark on about 4-6 hours of school work, but first I got our dinner in the crock pot. I am making a recipe I found for Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers. (Red Peppers were $1 at the grocery store!!! SCORE!!)

Here is the recipe I am using for Vegetarian Stuffed Peppers.

I changed the recipe a bit just because I didn’t have the exact ingredients. I used a combination of sharp and regular cheddar cheese. I used brown rice instead of wild rice. (This is the change I think I am going to regret.) And I poured some red enchilada sauce over the top of them after I got them in the crockpot.

Here are the “before” shots! I will let you know how the “after” shots turn out, as well as if my husband liked them. The last recipe experiment I made he did not care for (and neither did I!). In fact, after we ate dinner he said, “I am going to need a gallon and a half of water to get this taste out of my mouth.”
And this is from a man who has only once before told me he didn’t like what I made, and when he did it was very tactfully done.
So, that gives you an idea of how gross this recipe was.
I can’t even talk about it.
It’s the Voldemort of recipes.
It shall not be named.

Anyway – here are the before pictures.



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2 Responses to Vegetarian Stuffed Bell Peppers

  1. bwidge says:

    did the voldemort of recipes include gray steak?

    • Beth Allman says:

      Yuk. I have not used the George Foreman since. I actually forgot about it until you just mentioned it. I might have to pull it out to make some paninis!!

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