P.J., this one is for you.

PJ, Today was the day!! In truth, it was the day I decided to start blogging again.  It’s my first true day of summer vacation.  Woo hoo!!

I have a schedule I am going to try to stick to with each day having a different topic that I am going to try to adhere to, so we will see if that helps me blog more frequently.  I miss it so much.

But for today, I just want to tell you about roasting fruit.  I have been reading about it everywhere.  Roasted grapes and strawberries being the ones I see the most frequently.  So, today, I decided to try it.    I mean, every thing is better roasted, how could they not be delicious.

It was a semi-success.

I cooked them five minutes less than the Ina Garten recipe called for, but it was still a few minutes too long.  They were really good, but I think I could do better.  I put them in the oven at 450 degrees for 15 minutes.  I only added a few teaspoons of sugar to the strawberries and grapes beforehand, then put them in the oven.  Next time I might add balsamic.  Or honey.

Here is the before:

Before Roasting



After Roasting

I added them to some Fage 0% Greek Yogurt with cinnamon and a dash of vanilla.  The mix was delicious, but like I said, I think I could do better with the fruit.


Well, I am off to start laundry.

Anybody ever try roasting fruit?

Have a great Wednesday.


-Beth WA

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1 Response to P.J., this one is for you.

  1. P.J. Murphy says:

    that looks all kinds of awesome. Thanks 2 Beths!

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