First Week of Summer Break

So, on Sundays, I am going to summarize the week with pictures…

Here was my week:

Monday, I had a party for the faculty and staff at my school.  It was a going away party for two of my favorite staff members.  So, it was bittersweet.

Teachers that are leaving me. ; (


Tuesday, I drove up to Cleveland to hang out with my amazing Gramma Kerrigan, along with one of my favorite cousins and her son, Jimmy.

Here is Grams:

Gramma Kerrigan : )


Here is baby Jimmy.  Isn’t he so handsome??

handsome boy!


On Wednesday, I rested.

On Thursday, I took my mom to see Wicked.  It was a Mother’s Day gift.  Before the show, we had delicious food at a restaurant called Thai 9.


On Friday, I took a bike ride on the bike path in our town.  The bike path is part of a bike path that goes from Cincinnati almost to the top of Ohio.

My new bike


And on Saturday, Mr. WA and myself went with Beth FS and Mr. FS to try the first brewery in Dayton in over 50 years.  It’s called the Dayton Beer Company.  It was a quaint little place, that seemed to be finidng it’s way.  The beer was pretty good, but the company was the best.


I hope everybody had a great weekend.

Here’s to a great week.





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