Emergency blog post about something delicious…

Oh, Beth FS, how I love thee… Once again you have steered me in a food direction that is nothing short of heavenly.
Here is the equation. (note: the recipe she told me about called for fig jam but I only had strawberry)






Plus butter, equals


It ain’t pretty but it was the best birthday lunch ever. (Except the birthday lunch in Huntington Beach, CA, when my best friend Tracy and I drank our lunch, road our bikes home and she rode into a parked van.)

Seriously….this combination was heavenly….

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1 Response to Emergency blog post about something delicious…

  1. the2beths says:

    Isn’t it THE BEST!?! Although I must give credit where credit it is due. It was G-A-Y-L-E who shared the recipe! – Beth FS

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