Husband has the Week off!

Grr. I just typed this whole entry and lost it on my iPad.

But, I am going to try again because that is just the kind of girl I am.
My husband is off work this week, which has been nice. The best part is that he has been making dinner every night. And husband can cook!!
When one of us makes a really good dinner, our token compliment at the Allman household is, “Honey, you outdid yourself.”
Well, tonight, my honey outdid himself.

I will take credit for the menu and the shopping, but the prep was all him.
We had beer can chicken- when you put a chicken on a beer can and grill it for an hour and a half. Only before he did that he put a spice rub on it that we got as a wedding favor at my cousin’s wedding this weekend. It was sweet and spicy, and delicious.
Then, in a foil packet on the grill he made Yukon Gold potatoes with olive oil, salt, pepper, and fresh rosemary. And lastly, my favorite, roasted cauliflower. Yummmmm.
All of this with a watermelon chaser.

Here is a picture…he put that whole breast on my plate, but I was only able to manage half of it.


Later tonight I can’t wait to try this new Healthy Choice frozen Greek yogurt I bought because I had a coupon. They come in a set of three individual serving containers which is good for a binge eater like me.
Another day in my WW points, yay!

Peace out, homies. All three of you who read this blog. Ha ha.
Beth WA

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