Terrible sleep cycle.

Every week it is the same thing. Friday night I am so exhausted I go to bed right before ten and get up early on Saturday. Then, I go to bed late Saturday and sleep in Sunday.
Then I can’t sleep Sunday night, so I am exhausted on Monday. I take a nap after school on Monday, then I can’t sleep at night. This continues Tuesday through Thursday until I start the process again.
Until today.
I surged through nap time, and went on a walk, instead.
(If you are keeping track, I have done 2 things on my monthly goals. Meal plans. Work out.)
Now, it is 7:50 and I am laying in bed barely awake typing this post.

Being exhausted does not look good on me.

Tomorrow morning is my first weigh in since starting Fitness Pal app. (More on that later.). I am nervous, but hoping there is a loss!

Well, goodnight my friends, and mom.

Beth WA

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4 Responses to Terrible sleep cycle.

  1. BWIDGE says:

    I’m new to fitnesspal w/my BFF! lets be friends!

  2. Asha says:

    Good night and good luck tomorrow!

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