I am a pumpkin spice blogger cliche.

This morning, I made my favorite pumpkin spice coffee.


And I drank it out of my pumpkin mug.


And my honey brought me a Tim Horton’s B.E.L.T. sandwich for breakfast.
I love Saturday mornings.
Now, I am sitting in at the kitchen counter that I just cleaned blogging, while my husband is cleaning his brewing equipment to brew beer on this beautiful fall day. It is going to be 70 and sunny here today, and that makes me so happy.

I am taking my niece to the Columbus Zoo, and then we are going to have a fire in the back yard and make s’mores, and then she is sleeping over. She doesn’t sleep over very much – probably only 5 times in her life – so I think it will be a fun day and night. Mostly because she is probably the awesomest 7 year old, ever.

We are going to have warmed up beef and vegetable soup for dinner. I am excited about that. It should be even better today.

I know that I am not alone in this, but I LOVE fall in the midwest. I was driving home from my meeting yesterday, and I was lost in my thoughts, and I missed my exit on the freeway. Luckily I had my Garmin, so it took me on an alternate rural route. I know our scenery in Ohio isn’t mountains and oceans, but I love it. I love the huge farms, with horses and cows, with a background of beautiful trees all changing into the beautiful fall colors of red, orange, and yellow. I love that so much of the area around me is not developed. I know it means that I live in a small town that has mostly chain restaurants, and not that many exciting things to do, but I love it. It’s peaceful, and it helps me to focus on what is most important to me. The people in my life.

Well, I am off to do some school work so I don’t have to do it all tomorrow and Monday.
What is everybody else up to on this Saturday morning?
Anybody have Saturday morning routines?

Beth WA

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4 Responses to I am a pumpkin spice blogger cliche.

  1. Mom says:

    I will join u for dinner and s’mores!

  2. I love our scenery too! And, I am starting to love things with pumpkin in
    them. Just like tomatoes, I developed a phobia for pumpkin when really I think I like it. Weird. Also, I love your niece too! I was just thinking I want you and her to come down for a visit soon!

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