On again – off again

I have a weird relationship with yogurt, hummus and oatmeal.
It is all texture related.
I like all three foods very much, but in limited quantites, only at certain times, only prepared certain ways, and only flavored just right.

For instance, the other day I have this oatmeal a rave review.


But yesterday when I was eating it, I could barely choke it down without activating my gag reflex.

The same thing goes for yogurt. And the bad thing about yogurt is when I was grocery shopping this time, I was all “pro yogurt” that day, so I have a ton of it to eat. I have been packing it for lunch, then not eating lunch because it sounds gross, but then scarfing it down after school because I am so starving.
Lesson learned: Do not buy copious amounts of yogurt to pack in my lunch. I like sandwiches for lunch.

That is why I love Kath’s Whipped Banana Oats. They are the only oats that I can eat at any time, and I can eat a normal amount, and never feel like I am going to throw up. They just take a long time to make for me, and so I only can have them on weekends.

On the days that I am liking yogurt, here is a delicious Quaker yogurt. It has a lot of calories for a yogurt (220), but it is so creamy! And it is relatively filling with the carmelized almonds giving the mix 13 g of protein.


There are also some with chocolate pieces to mix in, and honey, and a few other ones that I saw.

And with hummus, I love the taste of it, but because of the texture, I like it with pita chips and pita, but I can’t love it with vegetables like carrots, except sometimes. And I definitely can’t imagine throwing it on a salad like some people do on blogs – but then, sometimes I can imagine that.
See what I mean?? On again. Off again.

So, in conclusion.
I love yogurt.
I love oatmeal.
I love hummus.
Yogurt makes me gag.
Oatmeal makes me gag.
Hummus makes me gag.

HA HA. Clear as mud, right?
I am just an oxy-MORON.*

What foods do you have texture issues with, if any?

Happy Saturday – I am going to decorate for Christmas, do laundry, and clean because my in-laws are coming over at 5:00. That is after I finish drinking my coffee, blogging, reading blogs, and watching DVR for a bit.

Beth WA

*please note i know the real use of this word, i am using my poetic blogging license

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