Snow Day

Well, today was supposed to be the last day of school before Christmas break, but then this happened…



It is our first one since the 2010-2011 school year. So, it is very exciting. Truthfully, I was really pulling for a 2 hour delay, though, so the kids could still have their Christmas parties. But, believe you me, I am NOT complaining. I am enjoying this extra day. I am having a leisurely morning, eating holiday breads for breakfast.


So many kids brought me so many awesome gifts yesterday. I am so lucky.
This is one of my favorite gifts:


Another of my favorite gifts requires a back story. You see, I love kids. I love teaching them, I love their knuckleheadedness, I love their resilience, their willingness to forgive, their potential, and their view of the world.
But, I do NOT love sharing my supplies with these kids. They break all of my stuff. So, I got a really nice stapler last Christmas, and I have put a post it note on this stapler and labeled it, “Mrs. Allman’s stapler.” And, then I have an old fashioned Swingline stapler that I have labeled, “Kids Stapler.” They complain about this all of the time. Because, honestly, my stapler is pretty bad ass and their’s is pretty sucky.

So, I about died laughing when I got this gift yesterday:


I just love my students. They are so funny, and so sweet. My favorite part of Christmas gifts from the kids is what they write on the cards. I get teary eyed every year as I read the thoughtful things they write to me that remind me of exactly why I do this job!

So, my to do list for the next 72 hours is a mile long, but this unexpected snow day morning is going to be leisurely before I start the craziness….

Anybody else have last minute shopping to do?

Beth WA

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