Hello fruits and vegetables, I’ve missed you.

I’ve had such a lovely holiday. It’s been so nice to hang out with family, relax, get stuff done around the house, sit on the couch, read blogs, eat sweets, and just generally be mostly stress free.

Over the last few days, I’ve eaten lots of delicious food…

My sister-in-law, Dawn’s cheeseballs….


My other sister-in-law, Georgi’s marshmalow “salad.” It’s got marshmallows, cottage cheese, pineapples, mandarin oranges…yummmm…


My mom’s most amazing sugar cookies (they are my gramma’s recipe)


This crockpot concoction with frozen chicken breasts, chicken broth, roasted corn and black bean salsa, tomatillo verde salsa, ranch seasoning packet, taco seasoning packet, frozen corn, a can of black beans and a can of kidney beans. I served it over elbow macaroni.



Not pictured…
Chicken Marsala cooked by my brother. I have to get the recipe and post it because it was DIVINE.
My mother-in-law’s macaroni salad with hardboiled eggs on it, her egg bake, her biscuits, and her delicious shredded chicken.
My sister in law, Dawn’s homemade chocolates and this chocolate dessert trifle she makes that is sooooo good

I was so full today, that I didn’t eat breakfast until 1:00, about 5 hours after I woke up.
Today was the day I decided to welcome calorie counting and fruits and vegetables back to my life!!
I already feel better.

Yesterday was such a nice relaxing day, which I am continuing to today! I am having an Alias marathon. It is my favorite show. Ever. (Along with Sex and the City)


We had a “blizzard warning” all day yesterday, so we were homebound, and I didn’t mind at all catching up with Sydney and Jack Bristow, and Vaughn (Michael Vartan).

I hope everybody had a nice Christmas. I was so excited when my husband surprised me with a…


and a…


He’s sneaky!! And I love it. These gifts were totally over the top, and I was so surprised.

Anybody else get an over the top gift that totally surprised them?!?

(I know Christmas isn’t all about the gifts, but they sure are nice! : ) )

Have a great day, friends!
-Beth WA

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