Time flies in the 2nd trimester…

So, every single minute of my first trimester was filled with anxiety, and nervousness and exhaustion.  So, each minute felt like so much longer.  The weeks dragged on until I reached that glorious second trimester.  That is when the chance of miscarriage is very, very small.  So, I was extremely elated to reach that milestone and to be able to share the news with everybody.  I don’t think I have ever gotten that many “likes” or comments on a post on Facebook in my life.  This baby is fulfilling so many prayers and hopes, and I feel so blessed and lucky.  And I am rooting and praying every single day, for the women that are dear to me, and women I don’t know that are still on the journey to become pregnant.  It is not an easy road.  In fact, it is the hardest road I have ever traveled.  I pray for those people every day.  

Multiple times a day.


So, I have been taking weekly pictures, and here are weeks 13-18.  It is something I knew I wanted to do when I got pregnant.  I just started to pop out, so the first couple pictures are just my regular belly, but near the end you can see it is getting bigger.




And here is the bambino at the ultrasound I had this week, week 19.  We could have found out the gender, but we are waiting.  




We cracked up because the baby kept raising its fist in the air like that – as if it were pissed at us for bothering him/her.


Also, I ordered canvases from Etsy for the nursery.  Our theme is Very Hungry Caterpillar, and I loved these canvases online.  But, I was nervous to get them and when I received them, they were even more beautiful than I imagined.  They were hand painted. 



And here are the first pieces of clothing I bought for the baby.  I am telling you this – not finding out the gender is a real money saver for me.  I know I would be buying clothes left and right if I knew what I was having.  So, here are the cutest gender neutral clothes…from J. Crew.  They were a splurge, but I couldn’t resist.  I love both of these books so much.


And lastly, here is a picture of my sweet baby girl – my niece Ava- who lives in Texas, at her second annual school hoe-down.



Things have been good here, except that my mother’s mother passed away last week.  It has been a tough week for my mom, and also a lovely week as family and friends gathered to support our family.  It always makes me tear up the people who show up at wakes and burials.  It is such a thoughtful gesture, especially when it is in the middle of the work week.. . People from my work, friends from near and far, and our Springfield family and friends.  I appreciate so much the support and love I feel on a daily basis.


Well, nesting has begun, and today my husband and I are going through all of our clothes to donate, toss, and organize.  



Beth WA

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4 Responses to Time flies in the 2nd trimester…

  1. maeussle says:

    I love your weekly pictures and it’s amazing how your belly noticeably popped out between week 17 & 18. I wish I was in my 2nd trimester as I still have all those tests and stuff in front of me and the nausea is kicking my ass…lol. Great ultrasound pic! At least you can see it’s a baby. Mine still looks like an alien 😉 Can’t wait to see your finished nursery 😉 I hear you on the splurging money on baby clothes. I haven’t done so yet, but I know once I hit a certain pregnancy mark or know the gender there’s no holding back anymore. I’m sorry about your grandma’s passing. It’s never easy when you lose someone so close, but you seem to have a great support system which helps a ton! Keep those updates coming 😉

    • the2beths says:

      Thank you for your condolences….

      I never had nausea but always wanted it as a tangible sign of pregnancy. Weird, I know. Ha ha. They are so cute when they are aliens though. I thought it looked like a gummy bear and my husband thought it looked like a Lego man back then.

  2. You are too cute!
    There are a million people who want to spoil you and the bambino!

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