Time flies when you are taking naps all of the time…

Daylight savings time started last weekend and it has been kicking my arse every since. On top of that, I had a meeting every day after school. So, I took a nap every.single.day. this week. And it was yet again another week where I didn’t start my exercising. I am so disappointed in myself. Hopefully, I start today.
Also, we have testing at school this week, so hopefully I can get less buried.

My parents went to Disney with my brother, sister in law, and my niece, Ava this past week for Ava’s spring break. They brought me back the cutest souvenir for the bambino. I have to say, it was the first moment of this pregnancy that it actually felt real, and I had this feeling come over me that this a baby inside of me that is going to be born and wear that souvenir.
Without further ado, here is that souvenir. Get ready – it is the most adorable thing ever!

Tigger Onesie Front

Now….wait for it….

check out the back….

Tigger Onesie Back

I know! Right??? So adorable.

Besides being spent due to Daylight Savings time, I have been feeling good, and pregnant. My belly is starting to really stick out, and my regular shirts are mostly all too short to wear.

Here are my week 19 and 20 pictures…

week 19

week 20

As of tomorrow I will be 21 weeks, and I can’t believe we are more than half way there!

My spring break is in a few weeks…my husband’s 40th birthday is in May, but we are going to go on a 40th birthday trip for a few days that week to celebrate. We are going to go on a Chicago brewery “tour” that he designed. He is super excited and I am glad that we get to go do this before the baby is born. He has been wanting to do this for a while.
This is a picture of my husband and my dog planning the trip.

Craig and Sam laptop

And lastly, you know what picture never gets old for me to look at???

3rd test digital

I can’t tell you the hundreds of tests I have taken over the years waiting for this one. All of you out there going through that same thing, stay hopeful. I am praying for you. Always.

Peace out, homies!
Beth WA

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4 Responses to Time flies when you are taking naps all of the time…

  1. maeussle says:

    OMG! That is too cute! Unfortunately, your baby will grow out of it so fast…just make sure you put it on it as much as possible 😉 Yay for brewery tour…too bad you won’t get to drink, but it’s very wise of you to do this before the baby’s coming…nothing will ever be the same 😉 I think I will start to take baby bump pictures once I’ve got the dreaded down-syndrome test behind me which will happen in a week. Can’t wait to be in the second trimester!

    • the2beths says:

      Luckily it is a 12 months onesie, so it might be around a little! But the ones I just got from my dad are 0-3 mos, so I know he/she will grow out of those in a minute!
      I started my baby bump pictures the day of my testing, it was the first day I started the second trimester.

  2. Naps rock!!!! Take advantage of every opportunity you get. “Brewing” a baby takes energy 🙂
    I am jealous of your trip to Chicago…but getting very excited about our girls outing in less than a month!!!!! EEK!

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