Time to get back on the wagon.

Well, I am finally craving fruits and veggies which I haven’t really craved since before I was pregnant! I am holding steady at my pre-pregnancy weight but I need to start losing. I need to do it for me and to also set a good example for my son.
I don’t want to burden him with the eating issues and weight problem I’ve had most of my life. I want to teach him by modeling to make healthy choices and to be active.
I have been half-assedly doing Fitness Pal as I eat all the crap in my house. It’s almost gone. LOL and I am down to almost all healthy stuff. I am going to stop bringing crap into the house as a step to making the good choices. I’ve had more fruits and veggies this last week than I’ve had the whole year combined!
I am having problems with the skin issue I have on my feet and it is making it difficult to go on walks, which is too bad because we have had the best weather! 70’s and 80’s and no humidity and lots of sun! Hopefully that heals soon.
I will keep you posted as to my progress as I get more serious about eating right.
For now, I will leave you with cute pictures of henry.





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2 Responses to Time to get back on the wagon.

  1. Angie Lawrence says:

    I am so sorry about your skin. I know how you feel. Maybe you should talk to Billy Kerrigan Jr. he did gluten-free and cleared his skin up and lost a little weight too. It’s so easy for me to say. (what I think) It was not easy for me to do.I am fortunate because of Enbrel.
    Just know you are one of my favorite people and you can do whatever you want in life. Love Ya Aunt Angie

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