Summer Vacation 

Summer vacation has finally arrived. Hooray. 

I am loving spending the days with my baby boy.  He is so hilarious and more fun with each passing day. Also, I did sleep training, so he is finally sleeping through the night! That is huge. 

Nap time is still sketchy. But, I am going to work on that next. 

Which leads me to the nap time conundrum. When H goes down for a nap it could be 30 minutes or it could be an hour and a half. You just never know. And as soon as he goes down I am faced with the decision. Do I run around like crazy eating, cleaning, working out, and doing laundry or do I sit here and drink my coffee and watch the Today show? 
I suppose that I should do the first thing, but I am going to ease into summer. 

So, for today, coffee wins. 😊
Here are a few pics of my bug…

Hope to blog more regularly this summer! I miss it. 

Beth WA

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1 Response to Summer Vacation 

  1. Angie says:

    Yeah, Have a great summer with your boys.
    Love ya, Aunt Angie

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