I did it. 

I survived Friday and Saturday and I stayed on plan despite many temptations and triggers. I stayed on plan at the Mexican restaurant as I mentioned and today, I went to my first Body Pump class and I loved it so much. It really kicked my butt but in a good way! I hope to be able to go every Saturday. The crowd of ladies was really awesome, too! Very encouraging. 

Then my (amazing) inlaws came over including my brother in law and his family. We had a full house and a great, relaxing, family filled day. My mother in law brought over some delicious appetizers and we got dinner from the burger joint across the street. Luckily I get 2000 calories a day at this point so I was able to eat smart and light the beginning of the day and I planned for a burger with no bun and a few fries and a few onion rings. I did not plan for a piece of delicious looking cake that my mother in law brought for my bro-in-law’s birthday. So, I had her pack my piece in a container and I will try to fit it in this week. Ladies and Gentleman, that is a huge victory. Huge. 

So, I am sitting here drinking my tea watching DVR’d episodes of Madame Secretary and then Blue Bloods (to see my boyfriend, Tom Selleck) and then off to bed. My dad and I are going to attempt to bring Henry to church for the first time. 😬

Here he is this morning in my fav pajamas. 

And here is tonight- zonked out- after a day of playing with his teenaged cousins.  



Beth wa 

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