Happy Easter!

I hope every body had a wonderful Easter. It was 75 and sunny here in Ohio so we had a glorious day with this big boy!  

We started out the day at 8 am mass. Unfortunately the priest had an emergency so we just had a communion service. Then my dad, Henry and I played at the playground at church for a few before heading to my house for breakfast. My mom was sick, unfortunately, so plans changed a little. We ended up heading to my inlaws a little earlier than planned. I was so nervous about eating because they always have such delicious food and I have trouble restraining myself. But, I ended up tracking everything. She made roasted veggies and turkey breast, ham, and a grilled pork tenderloin. I did good for that meal but then my mother in law broke out a homemade lemon cake. 

And I had a piece. And I beat myself up about it but it ended up being ok and I shouldn’t have beat myself up about it. I had a protein bar for dinner which was fine because I wasn’t actually that hungry. I also went for a 45 minute walk to get my 10000 steps, and also enjoy the weather.  

Today I am cleaning out our office, creating a budget, purging my cookbooks, and organizing Henry’s clothes. Well, at least that’s the to do list. We will see what I get done. 

Tomorrow we are going to clean out the garage and porch.  I can’t wait for the after product of that! I need to take before and after pics.  
This was Henry’s Easter basket. He loved it! 


Have a great Monday!

(Today is weigh in day!! 🙏🏻🙏🏻)


Beth WA

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