Feeling motivated. 

I don’t know what it was, but today I felt motivated again. I easily stayed in my calories, and am not wanting more. I think it helps that I had my lunch all prepped. Tomorrow might be different.. I haven’t prepped my lunch. I still have work tondo for school. I don’t usually bring work home but I want to catch up on some grading and I can do that whole watching a tv show and drink some tea. 

Basically, I am just trying to survive the next two days until my Spring Break starts. Woot woot! 

We got a new schedule for the classes at my gym. Our journey support group is dropping one of our weekly meetings so I am excited to try what I have been missing. The support group is little by little Going to end so that we can be on our own in the gym. The weigh ins will happen for a year and if we lose 50 lbs we get our 50 bucks back! 

Today was a good day and I am loving my new car. We drove over to my parents in it tonight as a family and I loved the feeling of the three of us in there. It’s a true grocery getter! 

I hope everybody is having a good week. Here are a few selfies of me and Henry while he is mesmerized by Toy Story 3. 

And one more picture of my new baby. Lol!  


Beth WA

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